Raising children of any age is not a simple task even with a two-parent family. So it’s almost a given that being a single parent isn’t going to be any easier. Whether you have one child or half a dozen there are many things that you’ll have to do and go through whilst raising your kids.

You’ll indeed get your fair share of trying times and troubling tantrums, but you’ll also get your fair share of the many joys of parenthood. There are however a few factors that you will always have to take into account being a single parent when raising your kids, and it won’t always be easy on you. And one of the first ones you’ll have to decide upon is how far you’re willing to go for the sake of happiness.

What happens if you meet someone you want to have a relationship with? Being a single parent, this isn’t all that unlikely as you might think. So do you enter into this relationship knowing that it can’t go anywhere because you won’t disrupt your kids and they don’t need the added stress? Or do you go ahead and start dreaming about what you could be like as a normal two-parent family?

The worst happens and your kids detest your new partner. What then, being a single parent do you throw that person out of your life for the sake of your children’s happiness and peace of mind? Or do you go ahead and carve out some happiness for yourself, knowing that your kids will, eventually – might – get to like this new person in their lives?

Being a single parent isn’t easy and it might be nice to think how your kids could benefit from being in a two-parent family. Many of the tougher decisions in your life could now be shared with someone else, and you’d have someone to confide your fears and joys in as well.

Being a single parent and having only yourself for you to rely on, you’ll need to make all the decisions and decide what’s good for your family and what’s not. This includes new relationships for you and how your kids take it and also includes such things as school problems, dating problems, possible injuries, and any number of other things that go with the territory of being a parent.

Contrary to what you might have heard or what you believe, kids will become needier emotionally as they grow up and into their teen years. Being a single-parent family you will therefore as far as possible need to provide them with the emotional support of a two-parent family.